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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 4, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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40s, a chilly and dreary night on the way. we'll talk much more about when the rain finally blows out completely. that and a warmer outlook all coming up. rosy? >> a mystery down in the capital. five shootings at military building in the dead of night and as we're told police are stumped. >> reporter: the mystery shooter struck again. the target was a coast guard recruiting area. no suspects. >> we ask the public to carefully consider the information provided and consider whether or not they may know this offender. >> reporter: this is the fifth shooting. it occurred in the middle of the night and nobody was injured. all five incidents took place within a 30-mile radius. the f.b.i. says all sites have been tied to the same high powered rifle. they believe one shooter is
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responsible, they suspect he is in the militarily, like he a marine. >> the subject appears to be the united states marine corps and not the individual marines. >> reporter: they say the shooter may have suffered personal crisis, job loss or family issues. but law enforcement officials are stumped. >> we'd like to know ha this grievance is and what we can do to try help resolve it. >> reporter: the f.b.i. has reached out to the shooter to get more clues. >> we obviously welcome contact from the individual responsible for these incidents so that we can better understand his grievance and work toward its resolution. >> reporter: nervous washington area residents say they can't help but think of the snipers' shooting spree in 2002 that killed 10 people? it just brings back memories of the sniper shooting to me. and just creepy. >> reporter: police say that even though nobody has been hurt, as long as the shootings continue, the likelihood increases that somebody will.
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karen travers, abc 2 news, washington. the ceo of quantus airlines say they'll not fly another a380 until they know what went wrong. the fleet was grounded today after an engine malfunction, witnesses on an indonesia island reported hearing a loud explosion and found pieces of the plane on the ground. quantus says it has nothing to do with wear and tear. >> this is the first aircraft that we took delivery of three years ato. the engines on the aircraft in question is new. >> quantus airlines is 2 biggest passenger jetliner in the world. it has a near perfect record with no deadly crashes in nearly 50 years, today's incident is under investigation. well abc 2 is working to keep you and your family safe. each week we are highlighting recent crimes in your neighborhood hoping to catch the criminals and bring them to juts. this week baltimore county police need your help solving a deadly shooting on halloween night. three teenagers were shot in
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the 100 block of queen circle way in hail berg before 9:00. police arrived to find one of the teens dead on the sidewalk in front of a row of show homes. the other two are expected to survive. they urge anyone who may have seen anything to call there (410)307-2020. and don't forget you can see more of our reports by heading over to meantime tonight a vigil will be held for the 16-year- old victim, duquon bushings. it will be held at sea flow road here in baltimore malissa wagger man entered a not guilty plea. she allegedly used her head to break her neighbor's window after she said his mother was
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in the basement. he cut an artery in his arm trying to keep her out of the house. the thirsty turtle has a rocky history with admitting underaged drinkers. the result of a fight that resulted in the stabbing of four young men, but the license commissioner says the decision to revoke the liquor license is the result of a separate incident in september involving underaged drinkers. blatche. a look now at tonight's top stories. a house fire on the city's northeast side is being called a homocide. city police say the body of a man found inside the mclean boulevard home had been stabbed several times. police are still working to identify the victim. the developer of the proposed billion dollar slots complex at arundel mills mall is working on getting permits for a permanent and temporary facility. david correspondence dish's plans for a makeshift casino that would house more machines in the only casino in did
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county. a temporary could permit them to begin gambling by the middle of next year. president obama has invited the republican and democratic leadership from both the house and the senate to the white house. the meeting will take place when the president returns from asia. the goal is to talk about areas where the two parties can reach some common ground. >> well the election is over and now the book is out. it's all about president george w. bush's days in offers. in the book the former president remembers the terrible images of katrina broadcast worldwide and the infamous photo of him looking out the window and how it made him look out of touch. when kanye west said bush didn't care about black people he writes he was disgusted and deeply insulted. in an interview on a houston television station he compared it to his own. >> i doubt he can understand the way he feels to be accused of being a racist in any way because, and, because i, the
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same thing happened to me, you know. where i got accused of being a racist. where as, him, it was lack of compassion and with him not rushing, you know, in that, not taking the time to rush down to new orleans. >> the president's mem war decision points hits book stores on tuesday. what do you consider to be president bush's lowest point in his presidency. that is a typically bizarre response for a man who spent most of his eight years in office in a state of unconsciousness. invading a country and killing thousands of children. that doesn't bother him. katie nah feign said i'm no fan of w but where was kanye's massive relief effort. join us on facebook and get in on that conversation. well flying out of tune for thanksgiving? well you're not the only one, why you will witness big crowds
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and, well, some big fares out there. and if you are still ahead at 5:30, if you won $11 million, what would you do with it? well one lucky couple brings a little luck to complete strangers. currently at edge mere elementary school it is 48 soggy degrees. wyatt has complete forecasts coming up.
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maryland's most powerful doppler radar, abc 2 works for you. stocks are setting new highs for the year a day after the federal reserve announced a $600 billion plan to boost the economy. the dow jones industrial average shot up 219 points and the nasdaq gained 37 and the s & p rose 23 points. in tonight's consumer alert, if you plan to head out of town for thanksgiving you're gonna have an awful lot of company. the airline industry anticipates more passengers for the holiday and that could mean higher fares if you haven't booked a flight yet. karen kafa has tips for cheaper easier air travel. >> reporter: 24 million americans will take flight during the 12-day thanksgiving holiday period. that would be 3.5% more than last year. and while the industry group welcomes the uptick as a sign that travel is on the rebound in a tough economy, passengers may not be as thrilled.
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analysts like say or have already seen a year or year increase in air fares and don't expect any drops ahead for the holsey son, and a survey by discount travel site price line finds thanksgiving fares at their highest levels since 2007. for the best fares and easiest travel avoid the busiest days. the ata expects november 28th, the sunday after thanksgiving, to have the greatest volume. if it fits with your plans, consider a flight on thanksgiving day, expected to be the least busy of the travel period. airlines already anticipate thanksgiving flights to be at 90% capacity or greater so don't bank on a last-minute deal. if you have time, consider a connecting flight. non-stops are more convenient, more popular, and at peak times can be more expensive. and, pack light. don't forget about those extra baggage fees that can add up very quickly. for consumer watch, i'm karen cave a. it's a grand salute to a
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piece of american history. why one of the most iconic planes in america is getting a fancy farewell. we have a front row seat to one of life's miracles. more on this new addition in atlanta. >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army.
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saskatchewan as the qantas
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they say they'll give it another try tomorrow, nasa says discovery was ready to go this morning but was delayed. it has been delayed by gas leaks and an electrical problem. with the discovery sitting on the launchpad for the final time. ned potter climbed into the cockpit of one of iconic jets and went along for the ride. >> reporter: the space shuttle discovery is on a sentimental
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journey, its last flight into space ever. thunderbirds came to salute it. but before all that a 1-hour flight for a total newbie, me. that's our pilot, christian hubbard, inevitably nick named mother. we're going to go soaring up the florida coast over the shuttle launchpad. on the way we're going to do a few aerobattix. >> we're really going to do that? >> you'll love it. you'll absolutely sloth it. >> the ground crew puts me in a flight shoot, a harness and a small bag. half the passengers get sick during loop deloops. take off is quick and then hubbard pulls the nose of the plane straight up. >> look back. nice deep breath, look back. >> the ground is behind us. and then, as we arc over, it's above us. hubbard flies a big high arc and, for a few seconds, we're
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weightless. >> there to your right there. >> i'm letting my arms float. >> reporter: i forgot where the little white bag was because of the view. we fly over the space shut will. >> we're making a beautiful pass. from this high it looks like a toy. we come back to base t ground crew gathers around us. i was kind of prepared to be freaked out and you know maybe i was a little but i was not, i did not expect to be moved. we talked with one pilot about the expense of having the thunder birds and he said it's worth it if it gets young kids excited. they want to join the air force and protect their country, he said, what's that worth. ed potter, kennedy space center, florida. he was trapped nearly 2,000 feet underground for months but weeks after being freed one of the chi leanne miners is ready to stretch his legs. he is running in the new york
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marathon, he was named the runner, he was invited to watch the race but he insisted he run the race. the american ballet theater is performing in havana for the first time since 1960. cuban americans are now allowed to travel back and forth between the u.s. and havana freely. relations between the two countries have warmed even slightly but both sides seem eager to unite for the arts. >> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> one word. yuck. >> yeah, really really messy day. >> kind of nasty out there resee. there's november days you get where it's a grey struggle to get out of the 40s, no wintery weather in the state today, that was a good thing. >> that's a good thing. >> west virginia had a bit of that but none of that for us. we'll take solace in that. rain tapering off, that's good,
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you can see it here on maryland's most powerful radar. most of this wet weather now well off to the estimate ooh, the eastern shores, you're still picking up some wet weather, not much at all around baltimore you can see that. but as we look a little further east you do see some wet weather back across carolina, queen anne's county, northern part of caroline county, churchill with a little bit of rain and as we take you further north up toward cecil county, gerina north threw up ton, a little north here but again most of this stuff is goin' away which is good. inner harbor right now measure key and chilly. 48 chilly degrees. yeah. you feel that when you step out the door. northwest wind is very light at least. not much of a wind chill factor. look at the rain just pelting our weather net camera at towson, elementary, today. a wet scenario there, no sunshine to speak of, just ugly. further south, germantown, one round of wet weather after
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another pounding the environment desire state of maryland today. that's the bottom line. rainfall totals have been impressive to say the least. inch and a quarter in parksville. 1.7" of rain in mount air. you were one of the jackpots, an inch of rain, 1.26 there as we look towards centreville. show you some of the temperatures right now, upper 40s, 48 for baltimore, 46 from hagerstown, poe tucks umm river 51, highs today struggling to get out of the 50s and in many spots north and west they did not get out of the 40s, we'll add a few degrees tomorrow. still some very chilly conditions early on today in the 40s, we'll probably top out in the mid-40s, warmest spot will be anne arundel county. most of us struggling to get out of the low 50s tomorrow. satellite radar trend, back toward ocean city, offshore is where the heaviest rains are. you see a wide scattering of showers back through the upper midwest so that whole complex part of the backside of the
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storm system here will keep the clouds rolling in tomorrow and also keep the threat for some showers around here. our satellite radar trend, you know, will clear some through the overnight but we'll still have some hit and miss showers possible into the day tomorrow. future forecast cloudy tonight, hit and miss showers, friday afternoon we'll call it mostly cloudy with a few peeks of sun, more sunshine due in especially saturday and sunday but a chilly north flow so struggling to get out of the 40s right through sunday. we'll get mader next week. overnight, 42, scattered showers, 52 tomorrow, we'll go 55 and be optimistic out at the airport. tomorrow night we'll drop to 35 under a drier weather pattern but, man, it's going to be chilly friday night. and your seven-day forecast, the trend into the weekend, lots of sunshine. we'll be falling back an hour early sunday morning but at least it will be dry all weekend to do that. and next week looking like low
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60s as we approach veteran's day. what would you do if you won 11 million bucks in a lottery. buy a new car, a new house, crush your friends, but one nova scotia couple is shown with larger than life hearts. >> reporter: they still live in the same 147-year-old home. there are no cars in the garage and a new tv in the living room. they say they haven't spent any of the money on themselves. >> absolutely nothing. >> we haven't bought one thing. that's it. because there's nothing that we need. >> you can't buy happiness. >> reporter: or health. 78-year-old violet is just getting over surgery and six chemo treatments for cancer. but it hasn't changed her outlook on life. >> it could be worse because i'm not bedfast and i'm not sick to my stomach so i mean
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i'm very fortunate. >> reporter: one of the things they aren't worried about is what to do with all that money. that's because most of it is gone. some to family but the majority they hand-delivered to charities. >> we -- i made a donation which really has perked us up, we have helped hospitals and the fire departments and churches. >> cemeteries. >> cemeteries, and all charitable donations, we have given to. and they have all been well appreciated. >> reporter: the couple doesn't want to talk about how much each has received. >> but when they seen the check their eyes really opened up wide. >> it made us feel good that we could do something to help other people. >> reporter: the couple new the money couldn't help with violet's health problems so, with the money out of the way, they are spending more time on violet's recovery. >> she says, i may not be able to get up and dance, i may not
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be able to get up and swing the highland fling or anything, but she says i'm quite happy, coming every day feeling a little bit better, a little bit better every day, so -- >> and i've never been down and out. so what more, what more do you want? >> reporter: allen and violet say they have kept some money for emergencies and, yes, they are still buying lottery ticket. >> okay. you could take a trip out of nova scotia. anyway. tonight at 11:00 it's one of the most expensive suvs on the market and thieves know it and want what's inside and they can get away with some big suvs in just 14 seconds, the security flaw, which suvs are at risk, all tonight new at 11:00. although the high stakes for baltimore attorney ended in the primary he wants to talk about keeping you safer. he takes office in two months and he wants to know how to bring down crime in the city of
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baltimore. the holsey son is among us and what that means and what that is time for toys and tots in maryland. we have a sneak peek in the preparations already under way. those toys and a lot more, i promise to speak english coming up at 6:00. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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well this is the only find panda born in the u.s. this year. meet zoo atlanta's newest edition. zoo captured the entire birth on camera and this little panda has already got some really big fans. actually that's the big panda. >> just waiting. we knew it was coming, very, very exciting. i just wanted to hold somebody's hand. >> that's cute because --
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>> it's cool because i saw an arm flying and i saw its head. >> i wonder if they asked the panda if it wanted to be on taken. it will be another week before they get close enough to decide if it is a he or a she panda. for the next few months they will be inaccept ra rabble. >> the communications industry is changing and the students at c.c. bc want to know how to translate that education into a career. that's ahead on news at 6:00 which starts right now. now, and 2 news at 6:00. >> well this autumn has been one to remember. we had spring like temperatures in october, now the chilly november rain t big question is what's next for the baltimore region. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. today was not a good day for the hair, the shoes and we won't even talk about the puddles everywhere. wyatt, when is this rain going bye-bye. >> it's beginning to right now kelly but we'll still have the threat for hit and miss showers, in tonight an


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